Olympia Artesian Vodka is the purest, finest vodka you will ever taste. Our premium flavor and mouthfeel come from the use of natural artesian water, hand drawn in Tumwater, Washington by our local Master Distillers. Artesian water is free from contaminants and naturally infused with essential minerals and electrolytes. The usage of it in our distilling and bottling process lends to a distinctively smooth finish and flavor, making our vodka unlike any other in the world. Thank you for your patronage.


Crafted for simple mixed cocktails, complex cocktails, and uniquely perfect for drinking neat.

Oly Soda

• 1.5 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• 3 oz of soda water
• 1 orange wedge
• Pour over ice

Oly Mary

• 2 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• 4 oz Premium Bloody Mary mix
• Pour over ice  

• Add fresh garnishes

Oly Rocks

• 2 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• Pour over ice
• Lemon peel garnish